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15 years focused diesel generator setTo maintain the industry continued to leadIndustry leading

15 years of continuous attention to the generator industry solutions, has a strong technical reserves, strict and standardized production management.

Generating unit manufacturing experts, focus on the development of electricity, new energy, environmental protection, energy saving on the upstream and downstream industries.

China's most professional diesel generator sets, gas turbine manufacturers, the integration of the world's first class generator set design and manufacturing experience.

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Factory direct supplyUltra high performance price ratio productsFactory direct sales

Factory direct, one hand supply, no middlemen, to ensure that customers with high cost of products.

All products before leaving the factory through strict and comprehensive inspection and testing, product performance, quality and reliability.

Through the IS09001, IS014001 and other standard system of effective operation and control, to ensure that the products meet the international and domestic industry standards.

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Close to the pre-sale, professional sales, perfect after saleMake every customer really satisfied。Customer satisfaction

Long for the user to provide spare parts, pure technical advice, installation guidance, free debugging, unit transformation and personnel training

Provide professional technical guidance, the deployment of technical personnel on-site service, not on the operation of the client is responsible for the church so far.

Welcome new and old customers all over the country to visit Datong Qinhuangdao, therefore all costs arising (round-trip travel) shall be borne by the company.

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The perfect combination of international technology and national brandThe world's top 500 in the choice of "Daqin electromechanical"Daqin electromechanical

Well-known domestic and foreign engine configuration of domestic and foreign well-known alternator, the configuration of the advanced three remote intelligent control system composed of the formation of a global strategic partner and designated O.E.M manufacturers.

PetroChina, CNOOC, the national defense science and Technology Commission, the long-term partners, such as Huaneng shares and other high-end customers

Products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and other regions.

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Thanks to the following customer supportCooperative partner

About us


Shenzhen Daqin electromechanical Co. Ltd.

Daqin electromechanical is the well-known domestic power to solve system integrators, headquarters is located in China's economy the most developed world manufacturing base - shenzhen, the company committed to the development of electric power, new energy, environmental protection and energy saving industry, the main generator, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, bus duct system, cable engineering, distributed energy, etc. Series product research and development of manufacturing, rent collection, maintenance and other services.
Daqin keep further cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad for a long time, always around the "quality first, service first, customer supreme" the objective, can according to the different requirements of customers to choose the most appropriate brand diesel engine and designer alternator into different USES generating set, let customers get the best economic benefit as a starting point, the unit form points: well-catalogued, quiet type, automatic type, mobile type rainproof, widely used in the data center, communications, factories, buildings, shopping malls, hotels, railways, airports, ports and other fields, product covers from 5 kw to 8000 kw power, design more weaver solution can also be customized for clients, in order to achieve a variety of power requirements, provide the ark of the conversion of ATS hand, since the integration, many sets of hand, the integration of parallel cabinets, the company has accumulated a lot of the success of the project at home and abroad, and has a group of power system, mechanical engineers, maintenance staff, can directly provide customers with perfect pre-sale consulting, after-sales installation, commissioning, training, life-long free maintenance, AD hoc has a 24-hour service hotline (0755-23080606) in time for customers to solve problems and troubleshooting.
2016 daqin electromechanical investment in hunan new construction for nearly more than 20000 square meters of production base of generator sets, and a registered capital of 20 million, established the daqin hunan branch, in March 2017 formally put into production use, at the current size daqin has gradually formed a perfect, professional services as one of the strength of the manufacturer.

Low build generating set manufacturing experts

Focus on generating set research and development, manufacturing, marketing, engineering and service, the company to the global customers with a variety of fuel, a variety of voltage levels, the intelligent control of frequency of "safe, advanced, environmental protection, economy" generator set;In perfecting and developing world-class generator design and manufacturing experience and advanced processing technology, and strive to achieve new beyond.

Low market demand oriented, technology innovation as the driving force

Daqin generator, which can meet all kinds of emergency and the commonly used power solutions and systems integration construction.Products include diesel generator set, gasoline generator set, gas generator set, dual fuel generator, heavy oil generator, the cooling system, intelligent control system, transmission and distribution systems, weaver and double the power switch, etc.;Generating set including open, mute, container type, power car, trailer type, mobile beacon types;Product range (single) : power diesel generator (5 kw to 2500 kw), gas units (10 kw to 5000 kw), heavy oil power plant (1000 kw to 80000 kw);50 hz or 60 hz, meet the choice of different countries and regions, many sets of weaver scheme can be designed for the customer to achieve the power requirements.

Through the marketing network all over the world, to provide users with products and services

Daqin series generator set, with first-class reliability and durability, meet all kinds of bad environment and the use of high altitude demand.Widely used in national defense, energy, electric power, transportation, communications, financial, medical, tourism, real estate, mines, factories and other fields.Are exported to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the americas and other regions.According to the different requirements of each customer, each project, we provide the system technical support, to seek the best solution.

Low strictly standardized production management

Daqin series generator set, through the IS09001 quality management system certification, IS014001 environmental management system certification, product through comprehensive testing, performance excellence, quality and reliable, and fully meet the international and domestic industry standard.

Low is committed to building daqin global brand

Daqin series generator set, through the global marketing and service network to provide users with first-class, internationally competitive products, electric power systems integration solutions to experts and generating set the preferred brand.

 Low for a long time with the domestic and foreign famous enterprises to maintain good relations of cooperation

> daqin series generator set

By domestic and foreign well-known at home and abroad well-known alternator, engine configuration configuration three remote intelligent control system of complete sets of advanced, form a global strategic partners, and specify O.E.M manufacturers.

> choose imported generator


> engine joint venture

Dongfeng CumminsChongqing Cumminsxian Cumminsdalian DEUTZ, ray walter, Beijing beinei, chongqing, tianjin yasuda, new Holland, fiat, long

> domestic engine to choose

Nantong, northern general, weichai, yuchai Wandy, JiChai,, shan chai, Yang chai, xi chai , tin, zi chai

> alternator is chosen


> choose intelligent control system


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Accelerating strategic buy rating high-end equipment

Accelerating strategic buy rating high-end equipment

Company on September 6, the evening bulletin and hikvision signed a strategic cooperation agreement (002415), the depth of established a comprehensive strategic partnership, the two sides will in intelligent storage and industrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), AOI inspection equipment and industrial camera, intelligent logistics and smart union factories in areas such as business, research and development, project management of comprehensive cooperation. Investment point 1 + 1 > 2, high-quality marriage the icing on the cake upstream intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is a new energy, semiconductor leader, the photovoltaic high-end equipment, long sapphire crystal furnace and large wafer equipment research and development of the semiconductor lead industry, high-end equipment, more than 90% share. Hikvision is well-known domestic intelligent security, robots and other big MAC in the field of enterprises, 2015 revenue of 2015, net profit of 5.87 billion.

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